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A Rainy Day In Dominica – The Nature Island

So we woke up to this! A super rainy morning on the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica.

The usually un-assuming nearby stream was no longer a trickle. It was seemingly beating its chest affirming: I am Dominica as well and this is how we do it on a rainy day! 

It was dramatic, it was loud and it was daring. The stream seemed to be demonstrating its potential to me and all the neighbors who popped their heads out to have a glimpse. Many were left wondering if the usually unnoticed lil’ waterway could continue to grow. The now lil’ giant was making an affirmation.

Tea on a Rainy Day in Dominica

And so it continued for a while but as soon as the water cleared a bit I decided to head down to get some tea bushes for my morning brew. 

BTW, what do you enjoy drinking on a rainy day – Basil, lemon grass, ginger? Share with us in the comments below.

Better or perhaps other things came to mind though, on this beautiful rainy day. I contemplated the beauty of this wet morning and all the possibilities that came along with it. 

The shiny wet leaves, the drenched grass, the dripping fruits, the glittering flowers, the chirpy birds and buzzing dragonflies were now beckoning me. (Imagine this against the different shades of green of the Nature Island, Dominica) I obliged. 

(See 5 things that helped to up my fun level on this beautiful rainy day – later in this post under NOTES)

Rain and Change on the Nature Island

Look how things change eh!

You see, the day before, I filmed a portion of my YouTube video entitled: 12 Simple Things That Make Me Happy and that section was called ‘Exercise‘. Just on the bank of this very little stream, was the precise location where I did the hula-hoop and a bit of skipping. I wonder if you would even notice that little stream in that video?

Life happens. Things change. One day it’s up, the other day it’s down. One day you’re in, one day you’re out. Today it’s sunny, tomorrow it’s rainy. It is a matter of perspective. Positivity may already be coming from your situation; from that change. Sometimes we simply need to allow ourselves to recognize it. Change is necessary for survival, for growth and even for happiness.

Having fun on a rainy day in Dominica

So, on this beautiful, rainy Dominica day, I created my own adventures, I explored new possibilities. Games were invented, songs were re-written and sung – track after track, after track.

Can you guess what I am singing here?

On an island where cascading waterfalls emanate from places where they didn’t exist the very day before, what did you expect? I certainly opted for the fun, carefree route – dancing in the rain – Dominica style.

What Comes After a Rainy day in Dominica?

Then boom! Just like that, the following day, the sun shot it’s rays through the leaves of the great almond tree in the yard. The stream happily sang and danced it’s way as it welcomed the warmth and appreciated the change and difference the sunlight brought about. 

As for me, I grabbed my camera, sneakers and some nuts for the birds. Off I went, giving praises for the day: different yet beautiful all the same.

Notes: A few tools that upped my fun experience on this rainy day

  1. My boots: A great pair of rain/garden boots
  2. A rain coat: easy on – easy off. Perfect for my tropical island
  3. My camera: You got to document this awesomeness
  4. Tea: Yummm

What do You do on a Rainy Day?

I am so curious to know. What do you do or how do you spend a rainy day where you live? What is it like? Are you the ‘odd one’ dancing in the rain or is this the usual? What do you drink on a rainy day? How do you dress? Most importantly; how do you feel on a rainy day? Tell us in the comments here or at Simply Grethel on YouTube.

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Simple Living Well-Being

Simple Things that make me Happy

Simple Things that make me Happy was compiled as a result of gratitude and in response to this question: What if happiness is just outside our window or our door? This we should explore! (Window? door? Oh, let’s just call it windoor)

There are many sayings, beliefs, quotes and theories about happiness. I however know for sure that there are just some simple things, many of which are found just outside my windoor, that certainly uplift my spirit and up my happiness level. I like to call them my simple joys.

Here are 12 Simple Things That Make Me Happy:

#1 The Sky

Is there anything as beautiful as watching the dawn skies transform into that glorious blue with portions of cottony, fluffy white? Perhaps! But the sky on a bright, sunny day with a cool breeze on my face really gets me.

Blue skies simply make me happy

#2 Water

Rivers, streams, creeks, brooks, ponds: they all strike a cord. It may just be the notes of the flowing water or it may be the memories of amazing childhood adventures that they evoke. Either way – clear, flowing crystal water has such a positive effect on my mood. Oh yes, clear flowing water is definitely among the simple things that make me happy!

#3 Activities with Children

They’re amazing! Even the voice of a child ups my happiness level. They simply brighten up my day. Their conversations, their laughter, their smiles, their silliness, their brightness are just awesome. Designing, playing, jumping in bouncy houses, learning and creating with kids is a whole different level of happiness. It’s the mood!

Kids activities – Among the simple things that make me happy

#4 Music

To this day, I have not figured out my favorite genre. From country, to rap to rock to bouyon – as long as it is a good sing-a-long. You know – a good hook and a couple of relatable and memorable lines – I’m in, singing away, rhythm or not. What is life without music?

#5 Foraging

The joy when I discover a hidden branch, overflowing with guava-cherries or a ripe pineapple under the tall grass! What about that forgotten avocado tree with overloaded branches? Sapodillas, Lemons, watermelons are among some of my happy finds as well. My childhood finds were fat pokes, guavas and sweet peas (poire doux). I have a planned adventure coming up for rediscovering them. It’s the find!

#6 Plants, Trees, Flowers

I love to be surrounded by big trees, green plants and a pop of color from our beautiful Caribbean flowers. Trees, plants and flowers, especially those that are growing wild, doing their thing on their own, are my faves – oh how this pops out the happiness within me.

Plants are simple things that make me happy

#7 Animals

Although I am not big on house pets, I somehow always find myself near animals. Stepping outdoors and seeing a friendly iguana, a playful goat, a nervous ground lizard, buzzing dragonflies and colourful birds puts me in a long term state of happiness.

Meet Iggy Da Iguana – Sunbather par excellence!

#8 Feeding the Birds

Feeding the birds is such a gratifying activity. Watching them wait in the branches or fly to the window sill to inform of the late delivery of nuts is sure to make anyone happy. The tiny legs, the beautiful colors, the variety and distinction and above all, the chirping songs sure gets me on a high.

#9 Swings

How would you like to go up in a swing? It feels like the words of the poet Robert Louis Stevenson were directed at me and perhaps at you too. The sight of a swing adds so much joy to my day. Getting on a  swing is joy in action. It is exhilarating, it is fun! The thrill is amazing as you get off the ground and sail into the blue skies.. Ahh, what a treasure! 

Enjoying swing at sunset – Purple Turtle Beach, Dominica

#10 Exercise

That thing I call exercise! Well it is not the top-notch training that I so admire. It consists of stepping outdoors and running, jumping and doing some goofy, silly stuff. This puts me in a state of happiness with added benefits for my general well-being.

#11 Basketball

Whether it is playing the game by myself, with others or just toying with the ball, basketball somehow gets me super happy. On days when I can’t go past my home, grabbing a ball and bouncing on any available pavement or doing ball tricks somehow works and keeps me super happy. 

Toying with a basketball

#12 Ripe Plantains

When some slightly over ripped fried plantains hit my taste buds, it is just sheer joy. But wait, I love them boiled and roasted too. In my mind, this was a special creation crafted just for me – but then again, I have witnessed the joy that ripe plantains bring to many others on our beautiful Caribbean island. Have you stopped at one of our roadside grills? This is proof, it’s real: ripe plantains bring joy. Adorn your dish with some!

Grateful for these Simple Things that make me Happy

As simple as they may seem, these are among my personal luxuries. Anything that keeps me in that optimal mental state is beautifully guarded in my treasure box and cared for in the most exquisite manner. 

What are some of your simple joys? Share with us in the comments below.  I would so love to know.

Here’s to  happiness!