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Simple Living in Dominica – The Nature Island

Simple living in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, may just be one of the coolest choices to make. Why? It almost seems like the island has been naturally curated to be a top notch destination for the art of simple living and it presents the gift beautifully packaged – ribbons – or is it vines? – and all. 

As simple as simple living may sound, for many it is not the most simple lifestyle to embrace; especially depending on where you live. However, Dominica, this beautiful little island in the Caribbean, is just one of the places where it certainly feels like the choice is almost ‘kinda’ made for you. You get to live simply and you’ll be glad. Here’s why.

Simple Living and Nature

Nature: We are called “The Nature Island of  the Caribbean’.  Talk about a name that suits the face! The island is wrapped in green and the shades are many. Then, there are the portions of blue and pops of many different colors against that green backdrop. Too cool! The hills and valleys make for a spectacular lay out, enticing the most unsuspecting visitor to become a resident.

Simple and Fun Things to Do in Dominica

Natural attractions: The very nature of the island makes for some of the most interesting attractions. Nestled between these hills and valleys are majestic waterfalls, pools, and lakes for the simplest and most fun adventures.  Add these to the sulfur springs and hot water pools and you begin to call the island ‘Lil Heaven’.  The view of the most amazing sunsets from hiking trails, from the balcony of eco resorts,  the beach or from your off grid location is just the bonus. 

Simple Living and Agriculture in Dominica

Land  for agriculture: Grow what you eat, eat what you grow. Looking at your meal and finding that it is 95% from farm or homestead to your table is an amazing feat. I won’t even get into how beneficial this is for our health and wellbeing. Growing what one eats evokes a sense of pride in an individual which has far reaching benefits for humanity.

In Dominica that sense of pride exists as a result and many young people are taking the initiative of cultivating small plots of land to grow their own food especially fruits and vegetables. How amazing it would be if we continue to do so for generations to come. 

Natural Products for a Simple Life in Dominica

Natural products/resources/food: As a result of our fertile soil and initiatives by many to cultivate the land, new enterprises are born. These new enterprises make use of our locally grown resources to create hair & body care products, wines, oils, soaps, snacks and more. Just imagine freshly picked coconuts transforming into extra virgin coconut oil right before your eyes. It is interesting that the youth are the majority in these enterprises which is an indication of continuity: a plus for sustainable and simple living on the island.

Simple Off-Grid Living in Dominica

Choice to live off the grid: We are not the tiniest of Caribbean Islands and we are certainly not the most populated. Guess what? This leaves a lot of land, especially in the interior, available for regenerative farming and off-grid living. The ability to live off the grid matches the philosophy of many people who have chosen simple living as a way of life. As an eco friendly island, Dominica will thank you for preserving its resources and educating others in the process. 

Dominica: Land of Water

Water: With the abundance of rivers on the island – 365 at last count, almost any abode will be in relatively close proximity to rivers, streams or springs. These sources produce clear crystal water for quenching your thirst, keeping the ducks happy, watering the plants and keeping your cabin clean and fresh.  Way to simplify your life!

Simple Outdoor Living in Dominica

Cuisine: Our very history has influenced our cuisine in such a traditional manner. Although we have significantly modernized our way around the kitchen, no one on island can truthfully say that they have not experienced a hot meal from an open fire. In fact, it still remains one of the fun activities to do when friends and families meet up for social activities. On the outskirts of the city and in the countryside, many homes continue to rely on and enjoy outdoor cooking. Our Dominicans will assure you that food cooked outdoors under the Caribbean sun tastes way better than any other. Lemme know when you get to try it.

Sustainable purchases and Simple Living in Dominica

Not commercialized  – We know… The billboards, the store fronts, the incessant advertising can be tempting and can indeed create some artificial needs. Dominica allows you the freedom to decide what you truly need. The very nature of the island minimizes impulse shopping. The lovely purchases from our locally owned stores, talented tailors, local artists and other production creatives edge more on the intentional and sustainable side

Simple Living and the People of Dominica

People:  As I always say, above all, it is the people who add the charm and allure to the island. The same applies for those who may arrive here seeking to simplify their lives. Ras Bongo, Sister Pat, Major Smalls… (not real names) – will be there to show you the ropes. Our friendly people know of the best herbs for tea or for natural healing. They are your guides for moonlight adventures and your maps to the amazing sites deep in the forests. They know the secret ingredients to the simplest, tastiest and most natural Dominican dishes.

Learn more about Simple Living in Dominica

So whether you choose to visit and stay in one of our amazing Dominican owned eco resorts, our mini campgrounds and guest houses or whether you are looking to become resident here, you’ll see or rather you’ll feel it. You’ll  feel the good vibes! The simple life that you’ve dreamed about is right here – on this amazingly beautiful island – my home: Dominica.

Learn more about simple living, well-being and nature on the Caribbean Island of Dominica. You can do so by subscribing to Simply Grethel on YouTube and leaving a comment. Otherwise simply shoot me an email at

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