Simple Living

Simple Living in Dominica – The Nature Island

Simple Living Dominica

Simple living in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, may just be one of the coolest choices to make. Why? It almost seems like the island has been naturally curated to be a top notch destination for the art of simple living and it presents the gift beautifully packaged – ribbons – or is…

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A Rainy Day In Dominica – The Nature Island

Water droplet on leaf

So we woke up to this! A super rainy morning on the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica. The usually un-assuming nearby stream was no longer a trickle. It was seemingly beating its chest affirming: I am Dominica as well and this is how we do it on a rainy day!  It was dramatic, it…

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Simple Things that make me Happy

Flowers: among the simple things that make me happy

Simple Things that make me Happy was compiled as a result of gratitude and in response to this question: What if happiness is just outside our window or our door? This we should explore! (Window? door? Oh, let’s just call it windoor) There are many sayings, beliefs, quotes and theories about happiness. I however know…

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