How to Find Inner Peace – The 5 Piece Toolkit

find inner peace - Exercise

How to find inner peace is an important topic these days. The word is out. Inner peace is the new wealth and everyone is dashing to get their portion. Well hold up a moment! It is not reserved just for the highest bidder, the richest or the poorest. It is not reserved for the most…

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Simple Things that make me Happy

Flowers: among the simple things that make me happy

Simple Things that make me Happy was compiled as a result of gratitude and in response to this question: What if happiness is just outside our window or our door? This we should explore! (Window? door? Oh, let’s just call it windoor) There are many sayings, beliefs, quotes and theories about happiness. I however know…

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What really causes Holiday Blues? The Christmas edition

What really causes the Holiday Blues? ‘Holiday blues?’ some may wonder. Yes, holiday blues. You see, some people do have a difficult time amidst all the holiday festivities. Holiday blues is a term that we generally hear prior to, during or after different holiday seasons. It is most often related to the Christmas season, so…

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